Privacy - Security Policy aims to be an online shopping platform that protects the personal information of all users in line with the principles of security and confidentiality. The user's identity, address, e-mail address, phone number, IP address, browser type, visit date, time etc. are defined as personal information.

It is supported by measures suitable for developing technology in order to ensure the security of the information provided by the users of

The Privacy Policy includes the purpose of using the information provided by the users and the way the site is used. may use personal information transmitted to it by users in accordance with the provisions of this "Privacy Policy" and "Website Terms of Use". It can process this information, classify and store it on a database. also; user identity, address, e-mail address, phone number, IP address, browser type, visit date, time, etc., for statistical evaluation, announcement of campaigns and providing personal services

Personal information of users and members will not be disclosed to real and legal third parties, except for the request of the authorities authorized by law and the cases listed below. Personal information is rarely provided to third parties acting for or on behalf of or those related to the business of to better process the specific usage purposes of the data or to provide better service in accordance with the purposes suggested by the users. may give links to other sites within it. does not bear any responsibility for the privacy practices and contents of sites accessed via links.

If detects that users and members are being used contrary to the articles of the privacy policy or the law, or if there is a request for a determination or investigation from the competent authorities, it has the right to inform the authorities about the information about the users.

Users acknowledge that they have read, understood and accepted all of the articles in this privacy policy and will make a provision about them.