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Affiliate Rules

Affiliate Rules
In order to ensure that the affiliate program works in the most accurate and highest quality, all applicants are examined by our experts within the program rules. If at any time we find that someone has violated the program rules, the affiliate account may be closed. Make sure to read the contract before enrolling in the program. As stated in this contract, it has the unilateral right to change the income partnership rules at any time. In this context, it is entirely the responsibility of the revenue partner to follow the changes to be made in the rules.

Sites containing one or more of the following items are not accepted into the affiliate program:

Sites with pornographic content,
Gambling or casino sites,
Domain names that are mentioned on our site and / or intended to deceive the visitor with the use of missing letters,
Sites that sell tobacco products, alcoholic beverages or drugs,
Sites that oppose any individual, group or organization,
Sites with excessive advertisements,
Sites with hacking / cracking / warez content,
Sites that support illegal activities,
Sites with content that violates the legal rights of others